CIAS (Centro de Investigación para el Arte Sonoro).

“Technology precedes artistic invention (As much as we artists would like to think it´s the other way around!) First came the electric guitar and then came rock and roll”

Jhon Adams, “Audio Culture”.

“CIAS” project  is a research centre for music technology and sound art.
Self-similar forms of fractals, their utility in acoustics and infinite capacity for representation, marked the first sketches and inspiration for this site.

Building measures are 17m x 13m x 14m, the entrance is on the second level, finding on a “modular grid” acoustically transparent, placed 4 meters above the ground floor. Here is when your are ready to enter a totally different sound experience, a place with more than 67108864  possibles acoustic states. On one side is the Dry Mode, 0.7 <= RT mid <= 1.2s  and on the other is the Wet Mode,  1.8 <= RT mid <= 2.2s

The electroacoustic system is based on the Acousmonium designed by Francois Bayle: 48 monitors, strategically placed in different parts of the room, plus 6 sub woffers at the bottom, look to be the ideal place to sound studies.

Main references for the Design –

SARC, Sonic Art Research Centre. Belfast, Northern Ireland -Pimpdou Center , IRCAM. Paris. – Sala Zavala Muniz, Teatro Solis in Montevideo Uruguay .

3d Sketch up Modeling.


Low frequency Roof  Diffuser.

CATT Acoustics simulation, 3D programming.

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